Nice Words

Drink less milk tead, don't directly eat bread that has just been roasted, don't stay close to things being charging.
Kurangi minum teh susu, jangan makan roti yg baru siap ϑί panggang, hindari alat2 yang sedang di-charge

Drink more water in the morning & at noon, drink less in the evening, don't drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day.
Pagi & siang minum lebih banyak air, malam kurangi minum. Setiap hari minum kopi tidak boleh lebih dari 2 gelas.

Eat less oily food, the best sleeping hour is from 10 PM to 6 AM
Kurangi makanan berlemak, saat tidur terbaik adalah antara jam 10:00 malam - 06:00 pagi.

Don't eat big portion after 5 PM, don't drink more than a glass of liquor a day.
Sesudah jam 5:00 malam, jangan makan terlalu banyak. Setiap hari minum bir tidak lebih dari 1 gelas.

Don't consume capsule with cold water, don't lie down immediately after taking a medicine, wait for half an hour. Those who sleep less than 8 hours are prone to become dull, those who have the habit to take a nap will not get old easily.
Jgn minum kapsul dengan air dingin, jangan langsung merebahkan ϑίri segera setelah minum obat, tunggu ½ jam dulu. Untuk mereka yang tidur kurang dari 8 jam bisa menjadi bodoh, mereka yang mempunyai kebiasaan tidur siang tidak mudah menjadi tua.

手機電池剩一格時不要打電話,剩一格時輻射是平時的一千倍。要用左耳接電話,用右耳會直 接傷害到大腦。
Don't call using cellphone when there is only 1 grid of battery remaining, the radiation rate is 1000 times more than the ordinary condition. Use left ear to answer the phone, using right ear will directly harm your big brain.
Battery telepon selular kalau tinggal 1 petak, jangan digunakan untuk menelepon, tingkat radiasinya 1000x telepon selular pada kondisi biasa. Gunakan telinga kiri untuk mendengar telepon, penggunaan telinga kanan dapat langsung merusak otak besar.

In year 2011, there is only 1 principle, health is the main concern.
Di tahun 2011 hanya άϑά 1 prinsip mendasar, yaitu kesehatan adalah yg terpenting.

2 Basic points: when you encounter problem, cool down; be "silly", when you see things
2 titik fokus yg mendasar : Kalau ketemu masalah, santai sedikit; melihat masalah, jangan terlalu perhitungan.

3 Forgets: forget age, forget past, forget grudge.
3 Lupa : lupa usia, lupa hal² yg sdh berlalu, lupa segala dendam & budi.

無論你有多弱或多強,一定要          擁有真正愛你的人,擁有知心的朋 友,擁有向上的事業,擁有溫暖的住所。
4 Haves: no matter how weak or strong you are, you have to      have persons who really love you, have friends who understand you, have business that is upward, have a warm home
4 Memiliki : Tidak peduli seberapa lemat atau kuat Anda, anda harus           memiliki org² yg benar² mencintaimu, memiliki teman² yg benar² memahami-mu, memiliki usaha / karir yang maju & memiliki tempat tinggal yg hangat.

5 Wants / Ought to be able to: sing, dance, be smart, laugh, be slim.
5 Mau / Harus (bisa) : nyanyi, menari, pintar, tertawa, langsing.

6 Don't; don't eat after feeling hungry, don't drink after feeling thirsty, don't sleep after feeling sleepy, don't take a rest after feeling tired, don't see the doctor after feeling sick, don't regret after you are old.
6 Tidak boleh : tidak boleh makan setelah lapar (makanlah sebelum benar² lapar), tidak boleh minum setelah haus, tidak boleh tidur setelah mengantuk, tidak boleh istirahat setelah lelah, tidak boleh periksa ke dokter setelah sakit, tidak boleh menyesal setelah tua.

After reading this article, send it to every friend you treasure.
Setelah baca artikel ini, forward ke semua teman² yg anda sayangi.

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受益良多, 能做就好

朋友您好, ﹑為了你好, 情您坐好, 用心聽好.
Hi friends, for your own sake, please sit well, listen with your heart.

錢多錢少, 夠吃就好. 人醜人美, 訓眼就好.
A little or much money, enough for eat is enough. An Ugly or a pretty person, see able is enough.

人老人少, 健康就好. 家窮家富, 和氣就好.
Old or young, being healthy is enough. Poor or rich, friendly is enough.

老公晚歸, 有回就好. 老婆嘮叨, 顧家就好.
Husband comes home lately, coming home is enough. Wive talks incessantly, looking after the household is enough.

孩子從小, 就要教好.
Children, from small, have to be well taught.

博士也好, 賣菜也好, 長大以後, 乖乖就好.
Being a Doctor, or selling vegetables, growing up, being obedient is enough.

房屋大小, 能住就好. 名不名牌, 能穿就好.
Small or big house, livable is enough. Branded or not, wearable is enough.

兩輪四輪, 能駕就好. 老闆不好, 忍忍就好.
Two-wheeled or four-wheeled, drivable is enough. Bad boss, just be patient.

一切煩惱, 能解就好. 堅持執着, 放下最好.
All the worries, solvable is enough. Insistence and persistence, let go is the best.

人的一生, 平安就好. 不是有錢, 一定會好.
Man's life, safe is enough. It's not being rich, that everything will be fine.

心好行好, 命能改好. 誰是誰非, 天知就好.
Kind heart and charitable act, life can be improved. Who is right or wrong, only God knows.

修福修慧, 來世更好. 說這麼多, 明白就好.
Build luck and wisdom, next life will be better. Talking so much, understandable is good.

天地萬物, 隨緣就好. 很多事情, 看開就好.
Things in earth, just let it go along. A lot of things, just see it through.

人人都好, 日日都好. 你好我好, 世界更好.
Everybody is good, every day is good. I am good, you are good, the world will be better.

總而言之, 知足最好.
In brief, being contented is the best.

這條短言, 真的很好, 不發給你, 是我不好.
This short words, is very good, not sending to you, is my being not-good.

發了給你, 大家都好! 哈哈! 你說我對你好不好?
Sending it to you, will be good for all! Hahaha! Tell me, am I good enough to you?

Though these words are not wordy and simple enough, I think they are really meaningful ^^

Blue: Chinese
Green: English

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